Tri-Fold Community Partnership

The Extreme Family Outreach Tri-Fold Community Partnership program allows an organization to support one full year of the Extreme Community Impact program through the contribution of one-third the cost of a program site.

Extreme Family Outreach is a 501c3 nonprofit faith based, humanitarian organization that conducts Community Impact Programs to elementary & middle school aged youth in under served communities along the Rt 40 Corridor in Harford County Md.

Delivering a holistic approach to character building by providing lessons through interactive and innovative techniques, all which is a firm foundation for success. Extreme Family Outreach sets itself apart by being mobile, stepping into their world, bringing education, vision & hope.


Extreme Family Outreach partners with businesses, churches, organizations & individuals making it possible to create futures that are different from what their past indicated. We offer a message of hope, speak truth through the love of Christ, build relationships and meet physical needs. Through our diverse programs, Tobacco & Drug Education, Healthy Living, Healthy Choices and the importance of education, we see cycles broken as children and their families’ lives are placed on new paths.


Thank you to our Sponsors!


Extreme Family Testimonial

If anyone is looking to help out a worth while organization, I would highly recommend getting in touch with the Extreme Family Outreach program. You will get a lot out of “giving”.

Kris Randlett, President of Kris Konstruction Design & Build Group

To find out more about becoming a Tri-Fold Partner,
contact us today!

410-676-1212 or

Our mission is to have a direct impact on children and families by taking our programs into the heart of their communities, providing tools that will ensure positive futures.

How do YOU benefit as an EXTREME Partner?

  • Your gift is tax-deductible
  • You contribute to the success of children in your community
  • You will receive a monthly newsletter with your name or business name printed as our faithful partner, which will also go out to all partners as well as churches and communities

As a Tri-Fold Community Partner, you will…

  • Help reach the at-risk children in Harford County with a positive message of vision and hope that creates a future that is different than what their past indicates is possible
  • Your gift is tax-deductible
  • You will receive a Bi-Monthly Newsletter with your Name/Business/Organization printed as a Faithful Partner
  • Your Name will be listed on our Website as a Tri-Fold Partner
  • Your Name will be Listed as our Tri-Fold Partner on Social Media throughout the year as a Stake Holder in the Community
  • You will have Your Name posted at the Program Site as a Tri-Fold Partner as a Support for Change
  • Your Contribution will help Purchase Equipment and Supplies for Our Sites
  • You will “Rewrite a Child’s Story”

As a Tri-Fold Community Partner, you will support…

  • One full year of the Extreme Community Impact Program which consists of two nine-week semesters, one in the Spring and one in the Fall
  • Providing School Supplies to each Child
  • Providing Complete Thanksgiving Dinners for each Child’s Family
  • Providing Christmas Presents for each Child in the Program and their Siblings
  • Providing Hats, Scarves, and Gloves for the Winter Months
  • Providing Social, Parental, Emotional Support for Families within the Program
  • Give Direction for Resources within Harford County as Needed
  • Providing Weekly Phone Calls and Home Visits to our Families

Total Cost of Program Site:


3 (divided by 3 partners)

$ 237.35 monthly commitment per partner = $2,848.20 per year

**Youth Leadership Program Tri-Fold Community Partnership description soon coming