2021 Food Drive Campaign: October 11 - November 11

Holiday of Hope Thanksgiving Donations

The “Baskets of Blessings” program assembles and delivers over 200 complete Thanksgiving dinners each year. The families in our program are overwhelmed with gratitude when they receive a complete dinner for their family as many struggle just to keep the lights and heat on in their homes this time of the year.

Everyone needs someone to be thankful for, and each day of life we are aware of this more, for the job of enjoying and the fullness of living and giving are found only in hearts that are filled with THANKSGIVING.

We need YOU, Your Business, Church or Organization to conduct a Food Drive!

Thanksgiving is right around the corner and many of our children and their families will not be able to enjoy a Thanksgiving dinner around the table with their loved ones.  Some of our moms will have to decide to either pay the rent or buy the food. YOU can make a difference this Thanksgiving by helping us collect food (listed below) or make a donation of $40.00 which will provide a complete Thanksgiving dinner. 

Food donations due to EFO office (801 C. Philadelphia Rd, Joppa, MD 21085) – Thursday, November 11th (10am-6pm). Food list under Box of Blessings below.

YOU ARE BLESSED TO BE A BLESSING! We would also like to invite YOU, your business, church or organization to join us on Saturday, Nov. 20th from 11 am to 1 pm as we assemble the food boxes and deliver them to the homes. Call if interested in volunteering 410-676-1212 or fill out the form below.

Food donations will be collected and received at the EFO office 801 C Philadelphia Road, Joppa, MD  21085 until Tuesday, November  (date to be announced). 

Box of Blessings
~ Turkey, Turkey Pan, Large Box Stuffing,
~ Canned Applesauce,
~ Canned Cranberry,
~ Canned Gravy,
~ Brownie  Mix,
~ Bread or Muffin Mix,
~ Large Can Sweet Potatoes,
~ Large Instant Mash Potatoes,
~ Canned Corn,
~ Green Beans,
~ Can Collard Greens,
~ Large box of Mac & Cheese,
~ Soda or Juice 

Saturday, Nov. 20, 2021, 11 am – 1 pm:

Join us as we assemble the food boxes and deliver them to the homes.


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