Who We Are

"Our mission is to have a direct impact on children and families by taking our programs into the HEART of THEIR communities, providing tools that will ensure positive futures."

Extreme Family Outreach is an intensive faith based 501(c)(3) organization that conducts Community Impact Programs in under served areas. We invest in neighborhoods that are characterized by low to moderate income levels and higher rates of families with members in treatment programs along with the single parent homes that has limited access to constructive activities, resources, and/or transportation. 

The Extreme Family Outreach After-School Program sets up in a common area right in the heart of communities. We prefer conducting our programs outdoors with the goal of reaching the entire community. We present a high-energy, interactive program that is delivered with a holistic approach that provides elementary and middle school aged children with the necessary tools to build character while fostering healthy relationships. Our curriculum includes relevant important life lessons, such as “Anti-Tobacco” and “Say No To Drugs.” In August, we conduct a “Back to School Bash” which provides school supplies and back packs for children in the communities that we serve. 


The Extreme team also conducts weekly visitation, which gives us the opportunity to interact with the entire family, building relationships and giving opportunities to meet the needs of the family or directing them to the right resources. In addition, our "Youth Leadership" program was established to promote leadership qualities in our upper middle school and high school students that are interested in taking on responsibilities at the After-School program sites and become role models for the children.

Extreme Family Outreach conducts a "Holiday of Hope" campaign that supplies complete Thanksgiving dinners and a Christmas party with gifts for the children in the program as well as their siblings. Our "Warm Hands, Warm Hearts" program takes place in the winter months making visits to children, providing support and encouragement, along with supplying hats, gloves and scarves to keep them warm.

Extreme Family Outreach partners with local neighborhood outreach programs. This initiative demonstrates unity and oneness throughout our community and Harford County. Today we are recognized by the Harford County United Charities as an innovative organization making a substantial difference in the community. Our partnerships with individuals, businesses, organizations and churches has empowered us to reach over 400 children and 160 families in the underserved communities of Harford County!

Meet Our Team

Together we are making a difference by “Rewriting each Child’s Story” 

What Makes Us Unique . . .
We are Mobile!

We go into neighborhoods with our program and create a safe place for them to have fun and learn. We teach right on the streets, right where they live. And our vans are our mobile work place. We use the vans to bring our classroom into the heart of our communities to provide recreation, strong character building lessons, games, love, care, food and prizes. And all of it is made possible by the generous contributions from individuals, local churches and businesses and the many volunteers who help with events every week.

Please contact us if you have resources to distribute or if you’d like to volunteer.